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Botanic Innovations Featured in Natural Heart Health Article

The global heart-health products market continues to grow, with the US holding a major market share. Botanic Innovations is featured in this comprehensive Nutrition Industry Executive article by Editor in Chief Janet Poveromo as one of the premium ingredient suppliers driving the natural heart-health category. “Many of the Botanic Innovations fruit, vegetable and seed oil portfolio are appropriate for inclusion in heart support formulas,” confirmed Poveromo.

Botanic Innovations Founder and Chief Technology Officer Mark Mueller explained that “natural oils have fast-growing consumer, regulatory and scientific interest” for heart health support. He noted that omega-3s from plant sources, including seed oils, have been recognized for heart health support for decades.

With natural oils, Mueller told Poveromo that a diversity of mixed botanical oils with a diversity of nutrient profiles is best. Botanic Innovations’ house brand, Immuno-Viva, promotes Core (a blend of organic black cumin and black raspberry seed oils). “Core is clinically demonstrated to support heart health, so we use it as a prototype to create blends featuring black cumin seed oil.”

He added, “We have a patent supporting synergistic antioxidant activity with black seed oil when blended with other cold-pressed seed oils. This phenomenon is real. And why use one ingredient when combining them gives better benefits?”

Mueller advised that, “Targeting fatty acid ratios – omega 3-5-6-9 – and optimizing diverse antioxidant benefits (carotenoids, vitamin Es, phenols), black cumin seed oil is optimal when blended with other oils, such as cranberry, raspberry, flax and chia seed oil.”

Well-known in the world’s growing halal market and becoming more recognized by mainstream consumers, Organic Black Cumin Seed is heavily sought-after for use in formulations that support the immune system, as well as heart health and brain health. In addition to containing six of the eight vitamin E isomers, Black Raspberry Seed Oil has almost 30 percent ALA and 48 percent omega 6 fatty acids. While the American diet contains too many refined omega 6s, unadulterated omega 6 – such as that found in our cold-pressed oil – is an essential fatty acid that the body needs.

And while clean-label may be a relatively new trend, it has been this company’s standard from the beginning. All Botanic Innovations’ starting ingredients are non-GMO and primarily sourced from North America. Its black raspberry seeds are North American botanical origin, and its oils are produced in Wisconsin using proprietary cold-pressing manufacturing technology (no chemicals). Its plant is also Top 8 allergen-free and GMP-compliant.

Traceability and transparency are also essential. Botanic Innovations maintains control over the entire production process including importing the seeds, pressing them on-site, storage, blending and bottling. This differs from other manufacturers who may import pressed oils and bottle them in the US.

“We are seeing an evolution with growing awareness and acceptance of the wonderful benefits of botanical oils,” Mueller told Poveromo. Botanic Innovations is committed to serving the needs of customers who want ingredients produced in the USA and who do not want the risks associated with adulteration. Contact Botanic Innovations at 715-635-7513 or to order samples of its nutrient-dense products.