The NatureFRESH Cold Press™ Process

All natural. Gentle. Sustainable. The key to producing ultra-pure seed oils and powders.

Seed oil with origin seeds

The NatureFRESH Cold Press™ Process

All natural. Gentle. Sustainable. The key to producing ultra-pure seed oils and powders.

Our success begins with the NatureFRESH Cold Press process. All of our seed oils and powders are extracted using this gentle, all-natural process. Cold pressing isn’t the fast or easy method, but it yields the purest, highest quality products. That’s why we’ve been cold pressing in small batches for more than 20 years.

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Extra-Virgin and Ultra-Pure

The NatureFRESH Cold Press process yields seed oils in their purest form—no chemicals, no solvents, and no preservatives.

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Nutrient Dense

Cool processing temperatures preserve the natural characteristics and powerful nutritional benefits of the seeds.

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Antioxidant Properties

Gentle, chemical-free processing maintains optimal nutritional benefits and greater antioxidant activity than heat-based extraction methods.

The NatureFRESH Cold Press Difference

BENEFITNatureFRESH Cold Press ProcessHeat Based Oil Production
All-Natural Process
No Solvents or Chemicals
No Additives or Preservatives
No Extreme Heat
Preserves the natural benefits, attributes and nutritional value of the seeds
Yields Extra Virgin, Ultra-Pure oils and powders
Optimal Nutrient Density & Efficacy
Antioxidant Properties

Naturally Sustainable

Our company and our work are rooted in Earth-friendly practices. The NatureFRESH Cold Press process leaves a smaller environmental footprint because it uses less energy than heat-based extraction and requires no harsh chemicals or solvents. And because we use virtually the whole seed to produce our oils and powders, the entire process is almost zero waste.

The Journey of the Seed

Process illustration showing the Journey of the seed


Sourced & Received

Seeds are sourced from our qualified suppliers and are received in our compliant, environmentally controlled facility.


Cold Pressed

Seeds flow into the pressing chamber where pressure is gradually increased to separate the oil from the seed’s shell (meal).


Seed Powder

The solid meal captured from the pressing process is deoiled and milled into powder.

Seed Oil

Oil is allowed to settle and is filtered to strain out the remaining fine particles.



Finished oils and powders are stored under nitrogen blankets to maintain freshness until packaged and shipped.