Headshot of Dr. Noah Jenkins

Botanic Innovations fuels its upward trajectory with the appointment of molecular biologist Noah Jenkins, Ph.D.

As the new Vice President of Innovation, Jenkins is igniting a renewed passion for helping people live healthier lives, naturally

Botanic Innovations is respected throughout the natural products industry for its integrity, continuous research and commitment to products rooted in science. Now, it further demonstrates its dedication to using the raw power of nature to help people stay healthy, with its inspired appointment of molecular biologist Noah Jenkins, Ph.D. as its new Vice President of Innovation.

Botanic Innovations is a market leader in natural cold-pressed seed oils and nutri-powders. Clean label has been a company standard from its beginning. The company has worked diligently to protect the purity of its ingredients as well as the transparency of its supply chains, while also continually conducting research to discover new health benefits.

A fresh perspective on using nature to help people stay healthy 

Jenkins has a dream background for this position, having spent years studying how cells and various pathways in the body respond to different ingredient constituents. His hands-on experience in oncology, pediatric neurology and neurosurgery, molecular medicine, pediatric cardiology, as well as the skin, heart and circulatory systems make him uniquely qualified to identify potentially beneficial synergies among Botanic Innovations’ ingredients as well as those outside of its current portfolio.

A competitive athlete as well as a clinical researcher with 14 published peer-review papers, Jenkins has also lived in alignment with Botanic Innovations’ vision and mission throughout his career. “I have always been interested in natural products and botanicals, and in the prospect of helping people be more protective instead of reactive to their own biology,” he confirms. “I was drawn to Botanic Innovations’ focus on empowering people to take control of their health using the qualities in nature. I also like the company’s emphasis on purity and sustainability.”

He points out that most pharmaceutical drugs have botanic beginnings. “What attracted me to Botanic Innovations is their proprietary cold-pressed oil technology that keeps the constituents as natural and complete as possible from field to manufacturer to the end user. Botanic Innovations’ methods retain the natural antioxidants and phytonutrients … the very things that help balance the effects when used by someone.

“Many of these compounds have been used traditionally for generations. Now their benefits are continually becoming validated by science. We are understanding how to deliver them in the right combinations and right ratios to affect health.” Jenkins is especially excited by the immunomodulatory properties of Botanic Innovations’ black cumin seed oil as well as the gut microbiome effects related to the company’s various seed flours. “With respect to the flours, the gut is the main control center of the body. If we can learn to directly affect the ratios of gut bacteria, we will have a great platform from which to dive into the personalized needs of consumers with more efficacy and accuracy.”

This scientist is determined to find new ways to connect the dots

“Dr. Jenkins is strengthening, deepening and broadening our innovative capabilities,” says Botanic Innovations Founder and Chief Technology Officer Mark Mueller. “He will leverage our 28-year research foundation to find new ways to naturally optimize the nutritional properties of our ingredients.”

Jenkins values the pace of natural product development. “I may have an idea in the lab that will help people be more protective instead of reactive to their own biology. The product development process moves more quickly in the natural products space than with pharmaceuticals.”

His ultimate goal is to combine his vast understanding of molecular biology with botanical research to develop formulations that help people in very targeted areas of their health. Specifically, Jenkins has set his sights on:

  • Leveraging Botanic Innovations’ current portfolio to address the emerging needs of consumers. “Consumers need more education about the comprehensive benefits of the polyphenols and antioxidants found in seed oils. These include benefits for the brain, circulatory system, gut microbiota and nervous system.”
  • Creating novel formulations from existing raw materials to have more targeted effects and benefits. “We will determine the market’s needs, and find ways to help people the fastest way possible using what already exists. This may include reformulations in different ratios and delivery forms.”
  • Augment the Botanic Innovations portfolio with newer botanicals. “Clinical research is identifying more synergies. I want to discover novel interactions, and to deepen our understanding of the molecular biology behind what these novel interactions are doing inside the body, so that we may enable people to be more proactive about their health.”

All of this innovation will happen within Botanic Innovations’ well-established framework of maintaining the quality of their ingredients’ physical attributes as well as the actual performance of its ingredients. Trust and integrity remain two of the company’s hallmark values.

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