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Topical cold-pressed certified organic pumpkin seed oil can improve appearance year-round.

The experts at Botanic Innovations explain why they are experiencing an unprecedented demand for pumpkin

Across America, consumers are discovering new reasons to embrace pumpkin. Not the seasonal variety found on holiday tables, but oil from the hull-less seeds of the Styrian pumpkin cultivated in China. It’s not surprising that this pumpkin variety is now making inroads into US agriculture. Organic oil produced from these seeds is rich in beauty benefits for the skin, hair and scalp.

“We are ramping up production based upon a ton of inquiries and demand for our cold-pressed pumpkin seed oil,” confirms Botanic Innovations Founder and Chief Technology Officer Mark Mueller. He explains that many producers don’t want to work with pumpkin because the economics can be problematic. “Both the seed oil and powder must be sold for it to be a profitable product. But the pumpkin seed’s high oil content makes it difficult to work with the powder. There’s an art and science to it. Botanic Innovations has the experience to meet the current and future demand for both products.”

Two reasons why pumpkin seed oil is emerging as a must-have ingredient 

In the beauty industry, formulators prize natural products that deliver on promise. Mueller says that two reasons customers are clamoring for pumpkin seed oil are:

  • It can help promote natural hair growth properties. “Botanic Innovations’ organic pumpkin seed oil is very appropriate for scalp and hair products in part because pumpkin seed oil has been studied to block the action of a key enzyme involved in the very common condition of excessive hair loss. This enzyme, 5-alpha reductase, increases the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT).1, 2 Less DHT means less hair loss,” Mueller explains. “Thus, the addition of pumpkin seed oil to men’s haircare products helps support healthy, luscious hair.” He adds that pumpkin seed oil also helps to prevent split ends and promotes soft, shiny hair.

Explains Botanic Innovations Vice President of Innovation Noah Jenkins, Ph.D., “Additionally, women suffer from a close variation of this type of hair loss, making pumpkin seed oil a useful ingredient for both men and women. The phytosterols in pumpkin seed oil act as a great natural barrier to the ever-present, natural threat of oxidative stress that can damage the hair and scalp.” 3-5

  • It is a soothing oil for acne-prone or irritated skin. “Because it is naturally antimicrobial, pumpkin seed oil also supports healthy skin in people prone to acne. It may also calm inflammation. “It can be combined with benzoyl peroxide or steroids to support maximum levels of active ingredients with minimized irritation. This promotes stronger performance and tolerance,” explains Mueller.

“Pumpkin seed oil may also improve skin tone, texture, and clarity,” comments Jenkins. “Pumpkin seed oil also has a high amount of antioxidant properties and anti-inflammatory phenolic compounds, compounds that may be much better protected and preserved more during our specific extraction process, compared to competitors that use much harsher methods. These compounds protect the skin from oxidative stress, as well as allowing pumpkin seed oil to be highly supportive for those experiencing eczema and psoriasis.”

Pumpkin seed oil is also a multi-purpose beauty ingredient for skin, hair and body

Botanic Innovations’ certified organic, non-GMO pumpkin seed oil contains a lengthy list of nutrients that make it well suited for use in cosmetics and skin creams, as well as scalp and hair products.

Mueller describes the benefits of some of pumpkin seed oil’s primary nutrients:

  • Linoleic acid (omega-6): “Also known as Vitamin F in the personal care industry, linoleic acid supports skin and hair regeneration, as well as promotes healthy, hydrated and firm skin. This nutrient is recommended for use in acne, hair, anti-aging formulations and general skincare. It also works as a carrier agent due to its ability to permeate the skin barrier.”3,4
  • Oleic acid: “Oleic acid is an excellent moisturizer in cosmetic and hair care products. It works to replenish and maintain skin’s moisture and lubrication.”3,4
  • Palmitic acid: “Palmitic acid promotes natural oil regeneration. Oil is an important component for the skin to retain its protective barrier. With too little oil, the skin will crack and bleed.”3,4
  • Stearic acid: “Stearic acid acts primarily as a lubricant, enabling skin to retain the proper moisture balance vital for good health and a healthy appearance.”3,4
  • All eight vitamin E isomers (tocopherols and tocotrienols). “Vitamin E helps improve skin texture. Tocotrienols are effective to increase moisture and improve skin elasticity and have skin-brightening effects. They are also the skin’s first line of defense against UV-induced oxidative damage. Tocopherols help skin retain moisture. Pumpkin Seed Oil is especially high in the gamma-tocopherol form of vitamin E, which is a powerful antioxidant.”3-5
  • Multiple carotenoids including lycopene, lutein, zeaxanthin and cryptoxanthin: The importance of carotenoids for skin health cannot be overstated. Healthy skin harbors high levels of carotenoids, which are effective antioxidant quenchers and contribute to healthy skin luster. Research shows carotenoids can be absorbed by skin when applied topically.”3,4

Botanic Innovations always supplies clean, unadulterated pumpkin seed oil 

“In addition to being certified organic, formulators are assured that Botanic Innovations’ goes to great lengths – including all the heavy metal and pesticide testing — to ensure that our pumpkin seeds, which are imported from China, are clean, unadulterated and in compliance with safety and GMP standards for health and beauty. In addition, we will soon open supply chains from the USA and Europe.”

Botanic Innovations maintains control over its entire production process including importing the seeds, pressing them on-site, storage, blending and bottling. This differs from other manufacturers who may import pressed oils and bottle them in the US.

Mueller stresses that purity and transparency are core values. “This is who we are. We have developed IP around the ingredients we produce. We are a certified USDA organic producer and compliant with all applicable regulations. We are committed to serving the needs of our customers who want ingredients produced in the USA and who do not want the risks associated with adulteration.”

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