Cold Pressed Massage Oils

Natural, vegan, non-GMO NatureFRESH cold pressed organic sunflower and blackberry seed oils were blended to create this light, moisturizing, non-greasy massage oil that’s rich in Vitamin E to leave skin feeling nourished. Available in bulk at wholesale prices, this massage oil blend from Botanic Innovations contains powerful antioxidants — like phytosterols and carotenoids1 — that protect against a wide range of free radicals.

Ingredient List for Massage Oil: Organic Sunflower (Helianthus annuus) Seed Oil (HI Linoleic), Blackberry (Rubus fruticosus) Seed Oil


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Request a quote for quantities larger than 4 gallons. We offer price breaks at 5, 30 and 60 gallons.

Product Benefits

When combined, cold pressed sunflower and blackberry seed oils offer an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory-rich blend that boasts omega fatty acids and moisturizing, massage-boosting Vitamin E. Their combined strength gives additional protection to the moisture, structural and antioxidant barriers of the skin — leading to an increased potential for softness, smoothness and elasticity.2

Sunflower oil has a high linoleic acid content, which makes it an excellent addition to any bulk massage oil blend. This allows for a light, non-greasy texture that ensures a nice slip — not to mention easy application, quick absorption and hydration without residue. Sunflower oil also includes a moderate amount of oleic acid, known for soothing moisturization and protection of the skin’s protective moisture barrier.3

Did you know? Linoleic acid has been found to increase blood circulation, which may lead to more efficient transport of nutrients to the skin and faster recovery of muscles suffering from activity or exercise-induced discomfort.4

Product Attributes

The oils and powders produced at Botanic Innovations’ are from non-GMO fruit, herb, and vegetable seeds based on our quality assurance practices.

The oils and powders produced at Botanic Innovations do not contain, nor come in contact with, animal products and are qualified as vegan.

All of our ingredients are derived from herb, vegetable, and fruit seeds.

All of our products are certified annually by EarthKosher.

All of our products do not contain artificial ingredients or preservatives and the ingredients are only minimally processed.

All of our products are produced and packaged in the U.S.A.

All of our products are free of animal fats & oils and contain no nuts (including oil & derivatives).


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