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What Are the Benefits of Carrier Oils for Skin?

Carrier oils are neutral, plant-based oils used to dilute essential oils so that they can be enjoyed topically. Since essential oils are highly concentrated plant extracts, they can often be too potent to apply directly without irritation or adverse reaction. 

When included as part of a blend — like the custom plant-based immune support seed oil blends from Botanic Innovations — these oils can offer a unique spectrum of key nutrients and antioxidants.

Did you know? Botanic Innovations holds the U.S. patent for “Synergistic Super Potent Antioxidant Cold Pressed Botanic Oil Blends.” It shows that blends made with Black Cumin Seed Oil provide antioxidant levels greater than the sum total of each of the individual oils — that’s synergy!

Carrier oils — especially those that are cold-pressed, pure and high quality — act as a luxury vehicle carrying other benefit-packed passengers to their ultimate destination: your customer’s skin.

What’s the difference between carrier oils and essential oils?

Both types of oils are used in personal care products, including aromatherapy and skincare. However, they both have distinct characteristics and unique purposes.

When it comes to their source and composition…

  • Carrier oils are fatty oils commonly derived from seeds, nuts or plant kernels — often cold-pressed and rich in fatty acids, vitamins and nutrients.
  • Essential oils are fragrant, concentrated extracts from the aromatic parts of plants like their leaves, flowers, bark or roots. 

When it comes to their function… 

  • The main purpose of a carrier oil is to dilute essential oils for topical use. They act as a nourishing, moisturizing base that helps spread essential oils over larger surface area.
  • Essential oils are highly concentrated and potent, most often used in therapeutic and aroma-based applications.

When it comes to how they smell… 

  • Carrier oils are usually mild in scent and do not have the strong, concentrated fragrance associated with essential oils.
  • Essential oils are known for their powerful and distinct aromas, which vary depending on the plant they are derived from.

What are some particular benefits of carrier oils for skin?

Carrier oils benefit skin in topically applied product formulations for a number of reasons, the most prominent being: 

  • They provide increased moisturization. Carrier oils help to hydrate and moisturize the skin, preventing dryness and promoting a smooth and supple complexion.
  • They’re rich in essential nutrients. Carrier oils are commonly rich in fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants, supporting overall skin health when used in personal care formulations.
  • They’re mild and nourishing to skin. Many carrier oils contain nourishing properties that can soothe and revitalize the skin, leaving it feeling soft and healthy.
  • They provide health benefits like anti-Inflammation. Certain carrier oils have anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce redness, irritation, and inflammation for the skin.

How to Choose the Right Carrier Oil for Different Skin Types

For dry skin

If you’re interested in formulations that offer boosted nourishment and moisturization, there are many options when it comes to rich, natural carrier seed oils. 

We recommend taking a look at Vitamin E rich grapeseed oil — very popular as a carrier oil for massage therapy — or the powerfully antioxidant organic black cumin seed oil.

For skin that is aging 

Personal care products that target the signs of aging on skin are very popular, and for good reason. Botanic Innovations’ offers a unique Healthy Aging Oil Blend that strategically combines a variety of natural cold-pressed seed oils to maximize their synergistic benefits.

For skin that is sensitive and easily irritated 

Sensitive, easily irritated skin is benefitted by carrier oils that are naturally anti-inflammatory and antioxidant rich like organic black cumin seed oil, organic pumpkin seed oil and cucumber seed oil.

For skin in need of healing and regeneration 

If you’re looking to develop a product formulation that helps promote the healing and regeneration of skin, start with carrier oils like soothing carrot, broccoli and red raspberry seed oil.

Interested in Botanic Innovations’ seed oils for your formulations?

At Botanic Innovations, we’ve been cold pressing in small batches for over 20 years. Partnering with clients to create natural products and formulations that offer a unique point of differentiation is both our passion and purpose. When you come to us with a specific product need, we’ll meet you with a unique blend of ultra-pure seed oils or powders to meet that need. Your unique point of differentiation is our R+D team’s science-backed mission. 

We’d love to help you create the formulation you’ve been dreaming of. Let’s talk.

If you’re interested in experiencing any of the oils listed here, we welcome you to request a quote or sample.