Antioxidant Internal Oil Supplement

Antioxidant Internal Oil Supplement Formula contains concentrated black raspberry and certified organic black cumin seed oils extracted through our exclusive NatureFRESH cold-press process, which requires 8 pounds of berries to make just one-half teaspoon of oil. Antioxidant Internal Oil Supplement Formula is non-GMO, made with ingredients that are rich in omega fatty acids and antioxidant properties, which offer nutritional support for good health.

Lipids are a group of naturally occurring molecules that include saturated and unsaturated fatty acids. Lipids, proteins, and carbohydrates form the main constituents of cells in both plants and animals. The lipids extracted from plant seeds help support good health – they have omega 3s and other building blocks necessary for maintaining health. Scientists measure the antioxidant activity of lipids with the Trolox Equivalent Antioxidant Activity scale – or Trolox equivalency – and Antioxidant Internal Oil Supplement Formula has strong antioxidant activity.

Ingredient List: Organic Black Cumin (Nigella sativa) Seed Oil, Black Raspberry (Rubus leucodermis) Seed Oil, Natural vanilla/lemon flavoring


Dietary Supplement


1 Gallon
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Product Benefits

Our Antioxidant Internal Oil Supplement Formula delivers the widest array of health benefits, providing comprehensive heart and immune support.

Research shows that the combination of seed oils within this formula may help: support the immune system, support heart health, support skin health, and support against free radicals.

Our Antioxidant Internal Oil Supplement Formula is created from NatureFRESH™ cold-pressed seed oils, and blended to leverage the wide array of phytonutrients contained in each oil.

Product Attributes

The oils and powders produced at Botanic Innovations’ are from non-GMO fruit, herb, and vegetable seeds based on our quality assurance practices.

The oils and powders produced at Botanic Innovations do not contain, nor come in contact with, animal products and are qualified as vegan.

All of our ingredients are derived from herb, vegetable, and fruit seeds.

All of our products are certified annually by EarthKosher.

All of our products do not contain artificial ingredients or preservatives and the ingredients are only minimally processed.

All of our products are produced and packaged in the U.S.A.

All of our products are free of animal fats & oils and contain no nuts (including oil & derivatives).